The Removal of Evil Influences


Martin Israel

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The psychic field is the source of perennial delight to those looking for a new stimulus in their lives; to those who are quite content with matters as they stand at present any anomalous phenomenon causes fear amounting to great agitation. Psychic phenomena are typically anomalous, their abnormality and irregularity tending to disturb the peace and quiet of the vicinity. The question always remains: are they real in their own right or merely manifestations of environmental disturbances or mental ill health among those whom they afflict?

I have attempted to address this question with respect to well-known phenomena such as poltergeist activity, spontaneous impressions of communication from the other side of death, and irregularities in the behaviour of a certain type of person generally termed "psychic". The field is enormous, and rather than stretching it out interminably with various specious anecdotes, I have remained doggedly close to what is actually known about the subject, using, as always, the Bible as my textbook about phenomena that bear the stamp of truth. The more psychically aware one becomes in one's own life, the less difficult does it become to believe the scriptural evidence in its own right without needing to accept a fundamentalist bias.

This book is addressed to those whose attention has been arrested by anomalous phenomena, especially those that seem to inhabit the murky world of relationships between the clearly living and the more opaque realm between the living and those who may be described as "discarnate". These phenomena cannot be accurately defined in terms of our five senses nearly so well as by the emotional upheaval they stir up within us. A person of psychic sensitivity has the gift of awareness of emanations arising from other people in the general environment.


Chapter 1Exorcism and Deliverance
Chapter 2The Psychic and Spiritual Fields of Experience
Chapter 3Disturbances due to Psychic Assaults
Chapter 4Problems Relating to the Unquiet Dead
Chapter 5The Principles of Demonic Infestation
Chapter 6Psychic Incursions of Property
Chapter 7Demonic Attacks on People
Chapter 8Conditions Mimicking Psychic Assaults
Chapter 9Deliverance of Demonic Agents
Chapter 10Preventive Measures against Demonic Attack: Good and Evil Influences
Chapter 11Psychic Relationships: Befriending the Spirits
Chapter 12A Summing Up
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