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Sayings from the Revd Canon Walter Hilton, an Augustinian monk

Walter Hilton was the first Englishman to write a book on the cure of souls, or, as we might say today, psyche-therapy. In his magnificent work The Ladder of Perfection he portrays the evolutionary nature of human redemption and the need to be reformed not only in our faith but also in our feelings. It is the strength of our feelings that is most likey to trip us up, to cause us to pain others.

Walter Hilton was born sometime between 1330 and 1343 AD. He died in Thurgarton, Nottinghamshire, on the Eve of the Feast of the Annunciation, on the 24th March, 1396.

There are two ways of knowing God—one chiefly by the imagination, the other by the understanding. The understanding is the mistress, and the imagination is the maid.

Ask of God nothing but this gift of love, which is the Holy Ghost. For there is no gift of God that is both the giver and the gift, but this gift of love.

Prayer is nothing else but an ascending or getting up of the desire of the heart into God, by withdrawing of it from all earthly thoughts.

Your name Jesus is oil poured out for me; since by the effort of your gracious visiting I well feel the true interpretation of your name, you who are Jesus, Healing; for it is only your gracious presence that heals me from sorrow and from sin.