two yellow roses called wedding day

Quotes from St Thérèse of Lisieux (2nd Jan 1873-30th Sept 1897).

She was Canonized (aka made a Saint) on 17th May 1925.

I have never given God anything but love. Love is the only thing that matters. No, I did not fight hard. I loved, loved deeply.

God knows your intentions. As long as you are humble you will be happy.
Why should I desire that the good God make use of me rather than another? Provided that His reign be established in souls, the instrument matters little!

Holiness is not in one exercise or another; it consists in a disposition of the heart which renders us humble and little in the hands of God, conscious of our weakness, and confident, even daringly confident, of His paternal goodness.

I have noticed that experience of suffering makes us kind and indulgent towards others, because it is suffering that draws us nearer to God. Let us not believe we can love without suffering. It suffices that we truly will all that God wills...If I did not suffer from one minute to the next, I should find it impossible to maintain my patience, but I do not look farther than the present moment. It is because one thinks of the past and the future that one becomes discouraged and loses hope.

Prayer for me is simply a raising of the heart, a simple glance towards Heaven, an expression of love and gratitude in the midst of trial as well as in times of joy; in a word, it is something noble and supernatural expanding my soul and uniting it to God... I take refuge in prayer and sacrifice. They are my invincible arms, and I know from experience that I can conquer hearts with these more surely than I can with words.

We can never have too much confidence in our God who is so mighty and merciful; as we hope in Him so shall we receive. It is gratitude that brings us the most grace.

Perfection consists in doing His will, in being that which He wants us to be.

I shall spend my Heaven doing good on earth. After my death I will let fall a shower of roses.