two yellow roses called wedding day

Quotes from the lady Julian of Norwich, 1342 -1420?  (exact date unknown).

There was a time in the 1980's when there was a revival of interest in the UK in Dame Julian's book. Rightly so, because until we have accepted the unchangable fact that God not only created us, but loves us infinitely and is endlessly seeking to love the hell out of us, we will struggle to build in vain. God looks upon us with pity not with blame.

It is God’s will that we should rejoice with him in our salvation and that we should be cheered and strengthened by it.

He loves us and enjoys us, and so he wills that we love him and enjoy him, and firmly trust him; and all shall be well.

He is quick to clasp us to himself, for we are his joy and his delight, and he is our salvation and our life.

Our lover desires that our soul should cling to him with all its might, and that we should ever hold fast to his goodness. For this above all pleases God and strengthens the soul.

When a soul holds on to God in trust - whether in seeking him or contemplating him - this is the highest worship it can bring.

It pleases God that by the help of his grace we should work away at our praying and our living, directing all our powers to him until in the fullness of joy we have him whom we seek - Jesus.

As by his courtesy God forgives our sin when we repent, even so he wills that we should forgive our sin, and so give up our senseless worrying and faithless fear.

If we fall we are to get up quickly; for the worst pain a soul can have is to let sin take it away from God.

The testing experience of falling will lead us to a deep and wonderful knowledge of the constancy of God’s love, which neither can nor will be broken because of sin.